1. The Last of Us


It's all we've ever known, to live we work our hands down to the bone.
The only way to pave the road, but no one there to show which way to go.
Struggle hard to stay afloat, never know when we'll be coming home.
Scraping by on this breadline, we're not living just because we're told.

The uncertainty, the lack of hope it feels.
With no stability, we'll be brought down to our knees.

How far will it go?
The last of us are growing old.
What have we to show?
What's left of us? We can't keep hold...

Expected now to meet demands
But don't expect to get a helping hand.
Cos you won't be entitled to prosperity
And freedom in this land.

Raise your head up from the grindstone
this lesson must be learned
That too much fuel to the fire
and this machine will crash and burn.

And the uncertainty it feels
With no stability we reel
And this lesson must be learned
That this machine will crash and burn